There is more to life than just work?

Sounds nice, but my life did NOT reflect it at all.

I thought if you put in the most hours, the most effort, then, just maybe, you get to the top and THEN get a life.

Then you get to relax.

Truth be told, I am not sure I even factored in other facets of my life.

Focus on work; and,if you have time, everything else.  

And when you do have time, try to force in as much fun and freedom as possible!

It's exhausting.

And it's a constant chase to be good enough.  Relevant enough.  Important enough.

Except you end up feeling anything but.

Feeling like nothing you do is enough.

Replaying the day over and over again in your mind.  

Dissecting what you could have done better, said better.  How you could have been better.

Never actually turning work off, even when you are at home or out with friends.

Feeling responsible- for everyone's experience and results, but your own.

Taking every "failure", mistake or mistep like a dagger to the heart.

Carrying the weight of the business on your capable but overextended shoulders.

That is EXACTLY where I was just 3 years ago.  

It's where I was for most of my life.

So when I say I can help you get a life that is more inline with your values, without breaking up with your job (unless you want to), I mean it.


So often, I hear clients say "I have to stay ahead" and that "now is not the right time to 'slack' off".  

Except that is PRECISELY what they are doing. 

Slacking off!

Slacking off from your personal life.

Slacking off from truly engaging in your relationships at work and at home.

Slacking off from showing up how you want to in all areas of your life.

Your NOW is creating your future results whether you do it deliberately or not. 

Don’t you want to be an active part of the process?

Or maybe you think it’s not possible.

Or too selfish.

Or too scary.  

And I say, that is the BEST indicator it is time for you to get started.

And you don't have to do it alone.

I have a proven way that works.

You want to be the best version of yourself. 

As a human being on this planet, you are meant to constantly change, learn, grow.

Continually becoming more evolved versions of yourself.

You were never meant to find something you love and then stop reaching for more.

You are meant to LOVE as many things as possible.  

Feel the power of a full heart that can only come from also knowing the experience of heartbreak.

You are meant to feel ALL of the feelings that are required to have a rich, full life.

Sometimes this means adding to your experience.

Sometimes it means replacing something in your experience.

It's all an experiment.  

Choice, experience, choice.  

On and on.  

There is no getting it wrong.

No end game.

You don’t become better in the results you gain, but in the going after them.

In the committing whole heartedly to becoming who you want to become, doing what you want to do, creating what you want to experience.  Managing all of the obstacles in your path.

That is where growth happens.

You are always becoming. 

Doing it deliberately is the difference between settling for what comes and creating what you want.

So, who do you need to become to get what you want?  To live the way you want?

Let's be clear.  You are 100% perfect just as you are. 

And you have wants.

Love it!

What you want wants you.

Whether it is 

✔More success.

✔More impact.

✔More connection.

Nothing you want is too small or too big.

Your wants don't have to be important to anyone else but you.

 If you are solid in who you are, you will never question what is possible for you again.

Imagine not doubting yourself.  

Not second guessing decisions and choices.

Not spinning in the fear of uncertainty- will it work?  What if it doesn’t?  What if I mess up what I already have?

Imagine feeling energized by EVERY part of your life.

Maybe even inspired.

Because the answer you will NEVER find to the question, "Who do I need to be to get what I want?", is "Perfect."  

Screw perfect.

Instead, lets reach for

  • exhilirated
  • captivating
  • amazing
  • incredible
  • tenacious
  • determined 
  • loving
  • kind
  • generous

These are just some of the words my clients now use to describe themselves.

What will your words be?

Your ideal self concept  is waiting.

Ready to get started?

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I am passionate about women claiming their wants and going out and getting them.  Claiming emotional and mental empowerment through the creating and stepping into your ideal self concept.  From corporate sales and marketing leader to Certified Life Coach, I have spent decades helping people see beyond their self imposed limitations to fully step into their potential and achieve big goals.  As a coach I see beyond your self imposed limitations, thought errors and limiting beliefs.  I believe in your capability and possibility and hold that for you until you believe it for yourself, and beyond.

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