I am the self trust & achievement coach for professional women who want to feel better and achieve more.

My name is Dawn Ledet and I am an action taker.
A jump before I look kind of person.
I make decisions fast and I move forward.

Maybe that sounds awesome to you.
Maybe you see yourself the same.

Or, maybe, you wish you were more like me.

When it comes to decisions, often people fall into one of two camps

  1. Those who make quick decisions

  2. Those who spin in indecision.

I want to be clear, one is not better than the other.

Both come down to a lack of self trust.

The quick decision maker, like myself, doesn't trust herself to make a decision if she doesn't do it RIGHT NOW.  She is often trying to "get it over with" or "out of the way". 

This also shows up in reacting to new tasks, opportunities or projects that present. It must be done now or else you will forget, not get it done, etc.

There is not a lot of joy in the journey. Only a fixation on getting to the end result.

Always looking at how far left there is to go, and never at how far she has come.

This leads to rushed decisions, wasted time, energy and, often, money.

Always feeling behind.

The indecision person, on the other hand, doesn't trust herself to make the right decision.

She waits for some external sign, or person, to tell her which one she should choose.

She does tons of research and weighs all of the factors, spending lots of time on worst-cast scenarios.

Waits for it to be the right time; and it never seems to be the right time. 

There are always things getting in the way.  Things that demand her attention, RIGHT NOW.

This leads to wasted time and energy making no decision, or perhaps, making a decision only to second guess that decision repeatedly and procrastinating taking action.

It's never good enough or the right time.

There are truly only 3 steps to achievement and it works on any goal.

1. Make Decisions
2. Follow through
3. Have your own back

And each of these steps requires self trust.

And each of these steps builds self trust.

I can help you build on the self trust and skills you already have to create a cycle of achievement that will work on this or any future goal.

At a level that will make it inevitable. 



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I am passionate about women claiming their wants and going out and getting them.  Enjoying not only the feeling of achievement but the journey to the achievement.  Achieving for the fun of it.  For the growth of it.  Not for what you think it will mean about you.  From corporate sales and marketing leader to Certified Life Coach, I have spent decades helping people see their strengths to step into their potential and achieve big goals.  As a coach I see beyond your self imposed limitations, thought errors and limiting beliefs.  I believe you are limitless and hold that for you until you believe it for yourself, and beyond.

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