Self Compassion is a Sign of Self Trust


Join me for this week's exercise in self trust where we talk about self compassion.  I share a recent story where I experienced a bundle of emotions and used self compassion to get curious and self soothe versus my go-to of jumping into action to avoid, dismiss or ignore.  

Perhaps you have experienced the same.  


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Invitation to a Simple Exchange


This week's exercise in self trust is an invitation to make a simple exchange of two words or phrases.

An invitation to get curious about what might change if you made it a habit to exchange them.

I give you examples and two possible options to use instead.

Check it out.  

Give it a try.

Let me know how it goes.

And if you are ready to...

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Exercise in Self Trust- Relationships


Watch the short 3 minute video above to get the shortest lesson on relationships ever and participate in this week's exercise in self trust.

Want more ways to build self trust and feel better?  Check out my free 5 Ways to Feel Better and Build Self Trust here:



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Difficult Decisions Build Self Trust


We all make difficult decisions.

They are really hard at the time.

We wonder is this the right thing to do?

But do you ever go back and give yourself credit for making that decision?

Do you stop to see what that decision has allowed moving forward?

Tough decisions are part of life.  

What is so often not a natural part of life is...

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Choose Your Excuses


Choose your excuses.

Own them.

Often my clients will say I just couldn't follow my plan- things kept getting pushed on my schedule.

There are many things to blame- people needing you, fires to be put out, etc. and we abdicate responsibility to those people and things.

But this is both untrue and disempowering.

Of course things come up, but...

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You Have Your Reasons


Everything we do does NOT feel amazing.

And this is okay.

Instead of using this against yourself, I invite you to recognize the reasons you make one particular choice that doesn't feel awesome. 

This short 4 minute video is an exercise in building self trust by deliberately honoring your reasons for choosing something you don't...

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Part2- Match it up


This week's exercise in self trust is a 2-part and this second part is an invitation to play the matching game.  

In the first part, I invited you to use your imagination.  To picture the life you would want if there were no obstacles.

If you haven't watched that video, I encourage you to do so here.   I also...

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A Little Imagination Pt. 1


This week's exercise in self trust is a 2-part and this first part is an invitation to use your imagination.  

I truly believe we don't use our imagination enough as adults.  So this is my invitation to you to play a bit with a gift you likely haven't engaged since you were a child.  

Imagination serves two...

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What You already Do


It's possible you already have more self trust than you think.

I invite you to participate in this simple, doable, exercise in self trust to start working towards seeing where you already have self trust in your life.

There are things you do every day that exhibit this.

It may seem irrelevant.

But it's not.

Showing yourself where you already are...

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Self Trust Exercise- Minimum Baselines


I like to purge my closets, cabinets and drawers periodically throughout the year.  

More honestly, I like the result of purging my closets, cabinets and drawers periodically throughout the year.

I like the result of clean and organized spaces cleared of clutter and items I no longer use or love.  

The actual process of...

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