What version of you do your goals require?

Who is in charge of setting and meeting your goals?

Of course, your goals require you.

But what version of you?

You are multi faceted.  Multi dimensional.  

And some of the time, those different facets and dimensions compete with each other.

Argue with each other.

A part that wants one thing.

And another part that wants something...

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What is your goal identity?

What is your goal identity?
Do you love them or hate them
Set them or refuse to set them
Follow through or don't follow through
Most people know their tendencies towards goals.
Or, think they do.
I'd like to offer that you set and achieve goals all of the time.
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3 Ways You Are Doing Goals Wrong

Goals get a bad rap sometimes.

They bring up thoughts of lost New Year's resolutions.

Failed diets.

Unfinished projects.

Unaccomplished vision board items.

I don't want to shock you, but the goal is not the problem.

There is nothing wrong with your goals.

And there is nothing wrong with you.

But, there are 3 things that could be going wrong and...

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Why you want to have goals

Setting goals just sets you up for disappointment.  At least that is what I thought.

I thought life just takes you where it will and you hope to get what you want along the way.

Until I uncovered the joy of goal setting.

I set a goal to get a Director level position.

Then a goal to make six figures.

Then a goal to become a Regional...

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Be a Big Deal

Be a big deal!

Go after the dream job.

Get paid what you know you deserve.

Ask for what you think is not possible.

Playing small and understated is serving no one.

Not you. Not the world.

You have so much to offer and you are holding back because, Why?

Because you are trying to protect yourself from, What?

Fear of embarrassment, humiliation,...

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I believe in You.

Yes, even if I do not know you, I believe in you.

I do it for me as much as for you.

Try it.

Lead with belief. It feels good.

Sure, it can be scary and seem like an invitation for disappointment. But I offer these things to you.

  1. Disappointment is inevitable. It is part of the human condition.
  2. You can not die from disappointment.
  3. Acting in...
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Lose the But.

...but, I've never done this before

...but, I don't know how

...but, I don't want to

but, but, but....

Lose the but!

When I started my first business, I used a lot of buts. And, if I am being honest, I still have to consciously choose to leave it out.

What I learned is that it is fine to

  • never have done something
  • to not know how
  • not want...
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Go from human to super human.

You are your strongest critic.Your own worst enemy. You self sabotage.You judge.

Why?  Because YOU ARE HUMAN.  

Look, I've been there too.  It's completely natural to have these types of thoughts and feelings.

But also know you also have the ability to

  • Be your own strongest supporter.
  • Your biggest Motivator.
  • Your #1...
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I Don't Know

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Dipping Toe in the Water vs. Going All in


Trial offers.


Try before you buy.

These are all tools to remove uncertainty.  

To remove the discomfort of making a choice you may regret.

But is it really?

Does it really?

In most cases, a surface level experience is going to produce a surface level result.

A "kind of in" commitment is going to produce a "kind of in" lukewarm...

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