Difficult Decisions Build Self Trust

Jul 12, 2022

We all make difficult decisions.

They are really hard at the time.

We wonder is this the right thing to do?

But do you ever go back and give yourself credit for making that decision?

Do you stop to see what that decision has allowed moving forward?

Tough decisions are part of life.  

What is so often not a natural part of life is looking back to see how amazing you were to make that decision and reap the lessons and or rewards it created.

Let's make that more natural!

It's proof that you can:

do hard things
make tough decisions
feel discomfort and uncertainty

And move forward anyway!

That is something to be celebrated!

And celebrating those tough decisions is one way to build self trust and make future tough decisions less tough.

Want more ways to build self trust and feel better?  Check out my free 5 Ways to Feel Better and Build Self Trust here:  https://www.actionyourfuture.com/bad_days

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