Yes I Can

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2021

I share a similar voice in my head that I am willing to bet you have too.

It says "You can't do that."

"What were you thinking?"

"That will never work."

It's constant and relentless.

And it gets louder and more persistent the bigger the idea or goal.

The more important.

The more difficult.

This isn't a coincidence.

When I left my career in hospitality in 2019 this voice was at a constant deafening volume.

And I leaned in.

Not to listen.

Just not to ignore.

To say, "We'll see about that."

I don't need to argue with it.

There is no use arguing with fear.

I don't need to prove it wrong or right.

It's just fear.

And I can feel fear.

So can you.

Where can you lean into that voice?

Go after something you want?

Whisper, "Yes I can."

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