I believe in You.

Yes, even if I do not know you, I believe in you.

I do it for me as much as for you.

Try it.

Lead with belief. It feels good.

Sure, it can be scary and seem like an invitation for disappointment. But I offer these things to you.

  1. Disappointment is inevitable. It is part of the human condition.
  2. You can not die from disappointment.
  3. Acting in...
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Lose the But.

...but, I've never done this before

...but, I don't know how

...but, I don't want to

but, but, but....

Lose the but!

When I started my first business, I used a lot of buts. And, if I am being honest, I still have to consciously choose to leave it out.

What I learned is that it is fine to

  • never have done something
  • to not know how
  • not want...
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Go from human to super human.

You are your strongest critic.Your own worst enemy. You self sabotage.You judge.

Why?  Because YOU ARE HUMAN.  

Look, I've been there too.  It's completely natural to have these types of thoughts and feelings.

But also know you also have the ability to

  • Be your own strongest supporter.
  • Your biggest Motivator.
  • Your #1...
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I Don't Know

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Dipping Toe in the Water vs. Going All in


Trial offers.


Try before you buy.

These are all tools to remove uncertainty.  

To remove the discomfort of making a choice you may regret.

But is it really?

Does it really?

In most cases, a surface level experience is going to produce a surface level result.

A "kind of in" commitment is going to produce a "kind of in" lukewarm...

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What is a self trust expert anyway?


Last night I was asked "What is a Self Trust Expert?"

You mean "You help people trust themselves?"

The short answer is YES!

The slightly longer answer is I help people 

  1. Make powerful decisions
  2. Follow through
  3. Have their own back

Why is this important?  

Because the richness, the deliciousness, of our lives is based on the...

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Self care is not Selfish


Embracing self care is a form of caring for others AND creates more space to be able to help others.

Helping others is also a form of self care.  

It is uplifting.

It feels good.

Honest, true, self care and caring for others is a beautiful way to show up as your authentic self while crafting spaces for comfort, grace and care in the...

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Discomfort Swap


What discomfort are your avoiding?

What are you trading it for?

Is it worth it?

Check out this short video to learn more.

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Having Confidence with New Things


During a coffee chat with a lovely new contact I was asked how she could be confident in this new venture.  Our discussion sparked this recorded response formulated to help whoever it can.

Remember that confidence comes from taking action.  Once you do something several times, you become confident.  Think, brushing your teeth,...

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Starting over due to Covid


Anonymous says "My industry was hit really hard with Covid and I have been forced to seek employment in a different field. I hate that I have to start over and don't think I am going to like this new job. What can I do to make this less miserable as I wait for something in my original work to come open?"


Can you relate?



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