Confidence as a choice. Do you make it?

Given the choice, wouldn't we all choose confidence?  

Well the truth is, maybe.  But also, maybe not. 

You could be thinking:

  1. I don't think confidence is a choice.
  2. Confident people are self-absorbed and arrogant…I don't want to be like that. 

Or any number of other confidence misconceptions.

Whatever your...

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Becoming a Consistent Runner


At week 6 of running every other day.  I am improving my pace and running intervals.  More proof that action builds confidence and drives further action.

Start small and feel the momentum build.

I hadn't run in over 8 years.  So I started 6 weeks ago running 15 seconds and walking 60 seconds for just 10 intervals.  I am now...

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Avoid these pitfalls from lack of confidence

Do you know what lack of confidence is costing you?  Sometimes it is right in your face and sometimes it can be a little less recognizable.   

It can seem harmless in some cases and debilitating in others.

Avoiding the pitfalls can both reflect and build confidence.

And, knowing when you are in one is the first step to pulling...

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Are you masking insecurity in these 6 ways?

"Sometimes our thoughts are backed with so much insecurity that they create lies we believe." - Unknown

  • When you don't do something because you are a perfectionist... guess what?  You are masking insecurity.
  • When you stick with something that you no longer enjoy but call it being loyal... guess what?  You are masking insecurity.
  • ...
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Becoming a runner 🏃‍♀️ week 2

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Running Insecurity


I’ve always wanted to be a runner.  So now I have a running coach and program and all the insecurities are coming up.

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Blog to Vlog


Changing format, inviting topic suggestions and preview of topics to come:

Masking Insecurity and Lack of Confidence

Compare and Despair

Perfectionism is really a sign of uncertainty and insecurity

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Reach for Courage when Confidence is Unavailable



 We all have courage and the ability to pull that courage from within.  When we reach for courage, take action and evaluate, not only do we receive feedback but we gain confidence.  This is incredible, time and resource saving feedback towards continuing in the direction towards your goals and dreams.


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Dealer of Hope


Napoleon said Being a leader is being a dealer in hope.  We all have opportunities to inspire hope in ourselves and others on a daily basis.  

How can you be a dealer of hope?

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Other Peoples' Opinions

Sometimes our brains want to trust others more than ourselves. We look outside of ourselves for validation of how good or how bad we are. The praise may feel great and the criticism terrible. Either way, when we rely on others' opinions, we are giving up the power and control that is naturally ours.

What if another persons' opinions told you...

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