Discomfort Swap


What discomfort are your avoiding?

What are you trading it for?

Is it worth it?

Check out this short video to learn more.

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Having Confidence with New Things


During a coffee chat with a lovely new contact I was asked how she could be confident in this new venture.  Our discussion sparked this recorded response formulated to help whoever it can.

Remember that confidence comes from taking action.  Once you do something several times, you become confident.  Think, brushing your teeth,...

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Starting over due to Covid


Anonymous says "My industry was hit really hard with Covid and I have been forced to seek employment in a different field. I hate that I have to start over and don't think I am going to like this new job. What can I do to make this less miserable as I wait for something in my original work to come open?"


Can you relate?



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What do I Want? Should I have Goals?


Anonymous says "I'm struggling with goal setting. I feel like I don't have any goals and while I am ok where i am, I feel I maybe playing it safe or stagnant. Like too comfortable. How can I figure out if I have a purpose or what goals to reach for?"


Can you relate?



Are you feeling:

  • too comfortable
  • more has to be out there...
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Speaking up in Meetings


Anonymous said "I am working on being confident in meetings and voicing my opinion but rarely do.  I am always afraid everyone will think my ideas are stupid."

If you ever feel this way in a meeting, networking event or social media group forum; listen to this coaching for tips to 

  • build confidence
  • tap into self confidence (yes, they...
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Coaching Topic: Overnight Snacking


From the anonymous coaching request file.  This week's question is about overnight snacking.  

If you would like to submit a question to be answered, CLICK HERE and join the email community HERE.  

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Nervous & Excited


What I have found with myself and my direct and indirect clients when hiring a coach is a common feeling of both nervous and excited.  

Here is why that is both normal and a sign you are on the right track and amazing things are coming.

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Happy New Year!


It's a new year but also a new opportunity that you can have any day of any year.  An opportunity to start new but NOT from scratch.

Begin this year with goals but add self compassion to that list.  All achievements come from trial and error.  Mistakes and missteps.  Failures and feelings of doubt and worry.  Allow them...

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Getting Giddy over Responsibility. What?!

What a ridiculous title and idea, right? Well, not so fast. I will share with you how I came to find responsibility empowering and how at first understanding- I actually did feel giddy.
Seriously, I get giddy over responsibility and you can too.
I will tell you all about it.
Let's dive in...
We are...
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Watch More Netflix- Said no goal ever..

How do you think about yourself?

How do you want to think about yourself?

Often times these two things are not the same.  

What is most fascinating is what we do about it.

Up until recently I had a story in my mind that I could never be a runner.  I always wanted to be a runner.  I watched people running in the neighborhood,...

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