Your Rulebook


This month we are looking at Manuals!

The manual/ rulebook you have for yourself.

We all have them. 

Rules for how we are supposed to show up.

What we should and shouldn't do.

We have them for others as well, but this month is all about YOUR RULEBOOK.

Join me each week this month in defining and questioning the rules you have in place for...

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Regret is a Feeling


As we wrap up our Monthly Self Trust Challenge on Regret, we look back at everything we learned that ties into this final very important point..... 

Regret is a feeling.

And, I know, you are like duh!  Of course it is!  

But I find this important to highlight because the next truth is 

Our thoughts create our feelings.


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Compassion in the Face of Regret


This week we take a look at introducing compassion in the face of regret.  

Watch this short video to learn a few questions you can ask to introduce compassion and connection in the face of regret.  

In this third week of our monthly self trust challenge focused on regret we are building on the previous two weeks where...

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Deciding and Questioning Regret


So we are on week two of this month's monthly self trust challenge, all about regret.

Last week, I invited you to entertain that regret is a choice.

And that you can own to choose it.  And you don't have to.

What we're going to talk about this week is what we do when we want to choose regret and when we don't.

Because when you...

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Choosing Regret


We are here with our first challenge of the month.  And this month's self trust challenge is all about regret.

Regret is often a disconnect from ourselves.  An admonishment.  Telling ourselves that we did something wrong and that is not okay.

What regret really is... is a choice.  And sometimes we want to choose it. ...

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Own your decisions & Regret


I woke up today super excited about the Own Your Decisions workshop.  

This live workshop happening today is full of amazing tools to own your decisions.  

We'll cover 

  • What it means to own your decisions
  • Why you want to
  • The cost of not owning your decisions
  • How to own your decisions

There is still time to register...

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Self Compassion is a Sign of Self Trust


Join me for this week's exercise in self trust where we talk about self compassion.  I share a recent story where I experienced a bundle of emotions and used self compassion to get curious and self soothe versus my go-to of jumping into action to avoid, dismiss or ignore.  

Perhaps you have experienced the same.  


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Invitation to a Simple Exchange


This week's exercise in self trust is an invitation to make a simple exchange of two words or phrases.

An invitation to get curious about what might change if you made it a habit to exchange them.

I give you examples and two possible options to use instead.

Check it out.  

Give it a try.

Let me know how it goes.

And if you are ready to...

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Exercise in Self Trust- Relationships


Watch the short 3 minute video above to get the shortest lesson on relationships ever and participate in this week's exercise in self trust.

Want more ways to build self trust and feel better?  Check out my free 5 Ways to Feel Better and Build Self Trust here:



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Difficult Decisions Build Self Trust


We all make difficult decisions.

They are really hard at the time.

We wonder is this the right thing to do?

But do you ever go back and give yourself credit for making that decision?

Do you stop to see what that decision has allowed moving forward?

Tough decisions are part of life.  

What is so often not a natural part of life is...

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