Complaining about work

We all do it.

Something we don't like happens at work.

We can't wait to complain about it with the first "confidant" we can find.  

A peer or a coworker.

A friend or a significant other.

It seems harmless.

It's just a way to vent frustration or dissatisfaction.  

You just want to see if others agree that it is...

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Are Either of These You?

My clients come to me for two reasons.

  1. To overcome a challenge at work.  They want to leave their current job or find a way to be happier in the job they have.
  2. To reach a goal in their career.  They want to get a promotion or a raise.

They come to me for one or both of these reasons.  

I show them the root cause to any...

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What if you were right the first time?

One of the side effects of a lack of self trust is second guessing.

Second guessing your decisions.

Your motives.

Your intuition.

It's often accompanied by some form of "it's not good enough" or "it's not right enough" or "it's not the right time."

All of which results in more time, and more energy, not moving forward.

What is fascinating about...

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Fearless vs. Careless and Certainty in the Uncertain

Fearless is a misnomer and Certainty is what I strive for.
Recently a group of peers and myself were catching up and the discussion led to two interesting questions.
What feeling best describes you now?
What feeling would you most want to develop?
Discussing feelings may seem "off" to some of you, but I...
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I Don't Know is a lie

I don't know feels like a reflex response sometimes. 

It just seems to flow out.

It's always a lie.  

You do know.  

But if you have practiced it for some time, it's not only a habit, it creates something way more disruptive.

It keeps you focused on what you do not know.

And it keeps you from seeing what you do...

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The Answers Are Within

I don't often ask people's opinion before I buy something.

It doesn't naturally occur to me to ask "what is everyone wearing" before going to an event.

I didn't ask one single person for their thoughts when I decided to start my own business.

I consider myself hyper independent; and yet, I still seek approval, validation, acceptance in many...

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Certainty is never certain.

 We don’t get that.

 We get probabilities.

 We get odds in our favor

 And odds that aren’t in our favor

 We get chances

Some we take

Some we don’t

 We get reasons to celebrate

We get reasons to mourn

 In all of it we get choice

Choice to choose what we do with...

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You Don't Have To Go To Paris

Four years ago I had to go to London for work. 

Since I was over there, I decided to extend my trip and spend a few days in Paris for a long weekend by myself.

I had never been before.

It was just one in another long list of things I had done TRYING to feel better.

To feel something... anything.

I had poured all of my attention, effort and...

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When Beliefs Go Wrong

20  years ago I watched a movie that stuck with me.

It's not even a great movie.

But one sentiment has grounded me in curiosity ever since.

The  movie was Dogma and the quote from the character, played by Chris Rock when questioned about beliefs is

"I think it's better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief...

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Yes I Can

I share a similar voice in my head that I am willing to bet you have too.

It says "You can't do that."

"What were you thinking?"

"That will never work."

It's constant and relentless.

And it gets louder and more persistent the bigger the idea or goal.

The more important.

The more difficult.

This isn't a coincidence.

When I left my career...

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