Self Trust Building List


This week's exercise in self trust, if you choose to participate, is a gift that keeps giving.

I am inviting you to an exercise that I started over a year ago and continues to grow and support me.

Particularly during times when I am feeling less than awesome.

It is an invitation to connect to your achievements.  

A running list of your...

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An Exercise in Self Trust


I invite you to participate in this simple, doable, exercise in self trust.

It may feel too simple.  Too easy to matter.

And yet, it does matter.  A lot.

Building self trust doesn't have to be hard AND is so very impactful.

Self trust can mean making decisions more easily.

Following through on plans you make for yourself.


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It Starts with a Sentence in Your Brain

There is a secret that I wish I knew sooner.

It has become an important part in everything I have, and will, achieve since learning it.

It has been an important part to many people's achievements throughout time; known or not.

It is that what we believe matters.

And, we are only limited by what we believe is possible. 

But what is a...

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Do you play the Life Will Be Better When/If Game?

Do you play the "Life will be better if" game?

Life would be better if
* my boss was not a jerk
* my employees had a better work ethic
* my customers were better understanding

This often leads to the "life will be better when" game.

Life will be better when
* I get the promotion
* I get the raise
* I have more people on my team


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Do You Trust You?

Do you do what you say you are going to do for others but maybe less so for yourself? Have you ever stopped to ask why that is? How it is affecting you?

Most of us want more confidence in our lives but we don't stop to see that a key component of self confidence is self trust.

Self trust is knowing you will do what you say you will do. That you...

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2 Questions that Changed My Life


 I want to gift you the two questions that changed my life and continue to work for me everyday. 

These questions help my clients and I know they can help you. 

Watch this quick video to learn the two questions with one silly and one more serious example to highlight how useful these questions can be in various areas of your life....

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Right, Wrong and Worst Case Scenario

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It's All a Mess

Sometimes work sucks.

Sometimes people don't do what you want them to.

Sometimes you don't do what you want to do.

The way you think it should be done.

In the time it should be done.

Sometimes it's just all a mess.


The world is imperfect.

People are imperfect.

You are imperfect.


This is the truth and...

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Complaining about work

We all do it.

Something we don't like happens at work.

We can't wait to complain about it with the first "confidant" we can find.  

A peer or a coworker.

A friend or a significant other.

It seems harmless.

It's just a way to vent frustration or dissatisfaction.  

You just want to see if others agree that it is...

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Are Either of These You?

My clients come to me for two reasons.

  1. To overcome a challenge at work.  They want to leave their current job or find a way to be happier in the job they have.
  2. To reach a goal in their career.  They want to get a promotion or a raise.

They come to me for one or both of these reasons.  

I show them the root cause to any...

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